Access Control


With not knowing who enters your premises at what time and when the person has left is a risk to you and your company and the safety of every one. For any emergencies, control of who is on the premises and in the building in the event of evacuation.

Let us control that for you and assure you your safety is in exceptional hands.


We strongly believe that your premises is the biggest asset to you and everything on it as well, therefor we can support you in 24 hour tag point patrolling and have an update for you at anytime you want feedback or for your record. We install tag point in areas you want full patrolling.

Let us keep you building and assets secure and safe


Courses and grades


Wanting to get to your next level in your grading status or want to start getting your grades? Contact us to make it happen for you. With our training center you can climb the ladder from Grade E to Grade A, Armed Response, Cash In Transit, Special events, Retail and Banking.

Alarm Systems


Installation, service and monitoring of basic, advanced and customized alarm systems. From 8 zones to any customized amount of zones. Our skilled technicians are capable of installing a wide range systems, programmable to your specific needs